I’ve done many digital marketing audits for clients and I see these consistent issues, which on their own, might not seem urgent, however, doing these things will save you lots of stressful situations down the road.

For example:

  • A client who went on vacation while we were redoing her website. The project was delayed because she had been issued a new credit card causing her hosting renewal to be cancelled and the site taken down.
  • Not keeping a marketing binder with critical log in information for all of your digital accounts. I’ve worked with clients who lost all control over their accounts and were kept from making updates themselves, or working with a third party like me to fix inevitable issues.
  • Another client whose request service form had a sending glitch. This was discovered only because we were in the midst of his website redesign. There were more than 200 requests for service going back weeks that were missed.
  • Lastly, a client could not log in to his Google or hosting accounts because his web designer went AWOL and he’d never known or used his own log ins.

Issues like these are easily avoidable when you avoid these digital marketing mistakes:

  1. Not keeping a Marketing Binder – this is where every account and password information is kept so you never get locked out of your accounts. Here, you’ll also create a branding section that should include things such as fonts, logo, logo hex #’s, etc. You should also track campaigns and results. Take an email campaign for example, if you send 100 emails, receive 3 opt-outs, get 5 phone calls and close 1 client.
  2. Speaking of emails – sending campaigns should always be sent using an email service provider NOT your business email. There are lots of rules around this that can cause problems and get your site/email shut down.
  3. Not doing regularly scheduled WordPress updates – you put your most important asset (your website) at risk when updates pile up
  4. Not claiming your Google Small Business profile – claim it ASAP even if your website isn’t finished yet
  5. Not keeping your GSB customized/updated – did you know you can upload your logo or other images and photos? I highly recommend doing this especially if the address is your home address (lots of privacy issues about this), or if you use a PO Box-type service. A former client once had people showing up to the local PO Box store thinking it was his office.
  6. Not asking for reviews using your GSB link – another benefit of having a fully completed GSB is the custom review link your account will be assigned. Make the most of this public-facing FREE benefit and send to clients and others after successful completion of projects.
  7. Cross reference all your channels – the very best part of digital marketing is it’s interconnectivity. If someone finds your Google listing and your social media icons are missing, well, that’s a missed opportunity. Or, if the icons are missing from your website, email template, email signature block, blog, etc. You get the idea…take a good look across all your digital assets and make sure, where appropriate, they’re cross linked to each other.
  8. Check your site and links often – as mentioned in the introduction above, my client lost almost 200 leads without even knowing it. This can also harm your reputation as well as your pocketbook.
  9. Check for site updates – for WordPress sites, schedule a website login once a month to see if there are any updates that need to be done.
  10. Not capturing emails – when you’ve done your digital marketing right, you’ll be getting website traffic and having an email newsletter sign up is the best way to capture this traffic. Downloads help too!
  11. Never let someone else register your URL – just about the worst of all is relinquishing control of your URL. I’ve seen too many disasters to list here, all with the same outcome: becoming forever beholden to a web master who may or may not stick around and who may or may not let you know they’ve taken a full-time job and won’t be able to work with you going forward.
  12. Never let someone else be the admin on your WP site – for the same reason as above, it’s like the old adage ‘YOU sign the checks’ no matter how many. This is how you keep ownership of your most important digital marketing asset.
  13. Not creating a Marketing Calendar – this document will save your sanity. It’s where you’ll schedule blog and social media posts, make the best of upcoming holidays and other opportunities that make sense for you. Don’t be like a client who was always scrambling to get ready for the holiday season. This is so stressful!

I promise, if you’re a new(ish) solopreneur doing all this for the first time, avoiding these 14 digital marketing mistakes will save your sanity.

By being proactive, you’ll avoid being taken advantage of and avoid bad situations down the road and then make expensive, rushed decisions, or fixes.