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Stop Giving it All Away

The current economic environment means that discounts are everywhere but it’s not always a good thing. At least not for the small business owners. It used to be that only high-priced ticket items were shopped. Now, consumers want to shop everything from toilet tissue all the way up to mortgages. If you’re selling to consumers,

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10 Tips to Manifest Your Marketing Mindset

Of all the business functions you’re juggling, marketing is the most important. Why? Because marketing — including all of its components — is the only revenue-producing business function there is. Additionally, marketing should be integrated into everything you do. From operations to budgeting to your phone message to hiring employees and more. The key? Consistency

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Love thy Customer

Great retention strategies are the key to a profitable business. Show your employees, clients, and prospects the love they crave. How? By implementing these easy, inexpensive Customer Service strategies. It all begins with training. Once your business has customer-facing employees of any kind, Customer Service training must become part of your marketing strategy. Why?

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