Interested in learning more about the B Corp movement?

Their website is the hub of all things B Corp and is resource-rich and so inspiring. Be prepared to stay a while.

The B Corp Handbook

B Lab Global’s 2021 Annual Report

Nonprofit marketing and communications resources:

CT Nonprofit Alliance

Charity Navigator


Resume Builder for students interested in nonprofit careers

Techsoup – source for discount offers on many popular software/technology that nonprofits rely on

Resources to help you live & work sustainably:

Carbon Footprint Calculator – The Nature Conservancy offers this quick and easy way to calculate your carbon footprint. No email or set-up required.

EWG (Environmental Working Group) – If you have allergies as I do, their app is indispensable when shopping for personal care items. Just scan the bar code and up comes all the ingredients/warnings.

Made Safe – Nonprofit certification agency dedicated to making the world’s products safer

Project Drawdown is the World’s Leading Resource for Climate Solutions

Website Carbon Calculator

Productivity tools I rely on:


Free PDF Convert


Gumroad – Created to help you experiment with selling all kinds of ideas, formats, and products

ScreencastomaticMake, edit, save, share videos up to 15 minutes long for free


Unsplash stock photos

Books make the world a better place:

Affordable Marketing Solutions

B Corp Handbook

Better World Books

BKConnection – online bookseller specializing in connecting people and ideas to create a world that works for all – online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores

How the B Corp Movement is Remaking Capitalism

Lean Startups for Social Change

Publish Your Purpose Press

The Uninhabitable Earth

Digital marketing tools to make your marketing a whole lot easier:


Canva – offers free nonprofit PRO accounts


National Day Calendar all the social media #holidays all in one place


This page is updated frequently, so please check back as we share even more valuable resources

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