In just a couple of weeks, the successful #SmallBusinessSaturday celebration will take place on November 25th. As always, it falls on Thanksgiving Weekend and follows Black Friday.

Now in its 13th year, Small Business Saturday (started by American Express) has sparked a social movement to #ShopSmall for the holiday season. In 2011 even the US Senate got on board to support the movement and now it is affecting real and lasting change in consumers’ shopping behavior.

Here’s how to make the most of this important day:

  1. Start by tapping into these resources: US Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Administration websites – they’re now co-sponsors. Follow their prompts to sign up to get your listing along with plenty of opportunities for support, downloadable logos you can use digitally and in print, and more.
  2. If you’re an Amex merchant, you can get lots of great swag such as signage, tote bags, store window decals, and much more here.
  3. Start promoting it now on your own social platforms, email blasts, website, storefront, email signature block, outgoing phone message, etc.
  4. Follow, then engage, with the community and help to promote the celebration on social media using #ShopSmall, #ShopLocal, and #SmallBusinessSaturday2023 hashtags.
  5. Don’t let any new customers get away! Be sure to create a signup sheet at the register for shoppers to sign up for your email list.
  6. Consider expanding your hours on the day to accommodate a large swath of shoppers.
  7. Get ready for a long and profitable day. Consider hiring temporary help and hire that extra help in enough time so you can properly train them to represent you in the very best light and make the most of many brand-new customer interactions. Need help? Check out my new offering, The Front Desk: Stakeholder Interaction Training With a Marketing Mindset.

And, as you do your own holiday shopping, keep in mind that shifting your own spending to small, local businesses will have a tremendous impact on your community.

Have a great holiday season!