Last week I received these two surveys. You can see that both were sent with the 5-star review pre-checked. Unfortunately, both companies completely missed the mark.

Here’s why.

Both were sent to me after I returned their product, unsubscribed from their emails, and had already received a refund.

This begs so many questions about their internal marketing stack and inefficient operations.

It’s also problematic for me that, even if I kept both of the products, that they told me how to rate them. Isn’t that what surveys are for? How can you learn anything from your customers if you tell them what to say to you?

Makes no sense.

If you want to learn from your customers, here’s what you should do instead:

  • Cross-reference returns and opt-outs with your automatic survey sending software so that you don’t embarrass yourself and send these to customers who you know aren’t happy with your product.
  • Send surveys without pre-checking any rating to get more honest reviews.
  • Have an open dialog box as the final survey question to ask if there’s anything your customers would like to tell you. Maybe it’s a suggestion to offer the shoe in another color, or that the skin care caused an allergic reaction. Whatever it is – if someone wants to communicate with you outside of your formulaic questions, you should allow for that.

As ecommerce stores continue to fight for share of market, it’s important to note that while 5-star reviews are good for business, they must be implemented using common sense and integrity.