Rittenhouse Square shopping district is a vibrant stretch several blocks long. I’m on these streets almost every day and I love to take long walks and discover new places.

Many of the stores and restaurants on this stretch use sandwich signs. Thankfully, the city of Philadelphia is retail-friendly and allows these fun signs, many with beautiful art.

The other day, I passed by these two that are on the same block and it struck me how different their messaging is.

The first sign is Brooklinen’s, the high-end bedding store,  whose messages are always cheeky and fun. The second one is Madewell, a trendy sustainable fashion brand whose signs are sale-focused.

Is one better?

Hard to say. I think Brooklinen should put their brand name/logo on the sign and Madewell should add a sustainability statement to theirs.

For perspective, I once owned a retail store and had to make these decisions, especially early on when it’s so important to attract foot traffic and introduce yourself to the community. The retail clients I’ve worked with are always surprised at how successful these signs can be. (Note: Not every city allows these so be sure to check your local regulations.)

The next time I pass by, I’ll take another set of photos to see what’s changed. Maybe Madewell doesn’t always lead with a sale, and maybe Brooklinen has a sale sign now and again.

I’ll keep you posted.