Congratulations on achieving B Corp Certification and joining a global community of kindred spirit organizations that are working hard to make business as a force for good and change in the world.

It’s no small feat to make it into this community and now it’s time to ensure that investment of money and time pays off. Here are some things you can do immediately to celebrate:

  1. Send out a press release, and share it on all your social media
  2. Put the B Corp logo on all your digital assets and, if applicable, any packaging, invoicing, letterhead, etc.
  3. Add a Mission, Vision, and Values statement to your website
  4. Write a blog post, and share that blog post on all your social media and be sure the post has a link to your B Impact Assessment score
  5. If you have an email newsletter (and I hope you do!), create a special newsletter announcement for your stakeholders
  6. Put it on your incoming phone and on-hold messages
  7. Post salary ranges in all job ads
  8. If applicable, add a B Corp blurb to employee onboarding materials
  9. Choose, then announce, an advisory board
  10. Create feedback loops where appropriate for your customers, employees, and the public
  11. Add a Privacy Policy link to your website footer
  12. Put the logo on your business card
  13. Add it to all employee email signature blocks
  14. Plan a big event with all stakeholders including suppliers and the community

Doing each of these things and communicating them to your stakeholders shows that you are committed to BEING a B Corp, not only becoming one.